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Students hold flowers standing with friends & families at Commencement.
Parents & Families

Navigating College Together

Parents and families are a big part of student success at UMass Boston.

As the parent or family member of a UMass Boston student, you are an important member of our community. We deeply appreciate the role that you have played and will continue to play in your student’s success. It is our desire to support you in reaching our common goal: success for the student.

You probably have many questions, including how to navigate campus, pay tuition, and stay on top of campus calendars and policies. You may also be thinking about how this new transition will affect your relationship with your student. Family Programs is here to assist with the transition.  

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Please feel free to email us at any time you have a question or need assistance. Our goal is to help you support your student as they navigate the college experience from the first day to graduation. 

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Parent & Family Association

The UMass Boston Parent and Family Association is committed to strengthening the partnership between the university and parents and families as well as enhancing the parent and student experience. Programs and activities are focused on engaging all interested parents of the university that parallel and support the mission and goals of UMass Boston. All parents and families of current students are welcome to join the UMass Boston Parent and Family Association.

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Review Application Deadlines

Emphasizing the significance of deadlines, ensure your student follows crucial dates, including the November 1st Early Action deadline for the fall semester.

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Information for Parents & Families


Our staff is bound by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). When a student reaches the age of 18, or begins attending a post-secondary institution regardless of age, FERPA rights transfer to the student. Therefore, with the exception of a crisis situation, the Dean of Students Office shares information about student concerns only on a need-to-know basis to the extent permitted by FERPA. There are three ways you may legally receive access to your student’s education records:

  • Your student signs a FERPA Release Form granting you permission; 
  • You provide evidence that you claimed the student as a financial dependent on your most recent Federal income Tax form;
  • Through a lawfully-issued subpoena or court order.

Beacon Family Hub

Join the Beacon Family Hub to stay up to date with campus events, resources, and relevant information for UMass Boston parents and families. This supporter portal also sends email newsletters at the frequency of your choice featuring updates on Academic Support Services, Financial Aid, Housing, Student Health Services, and more.  Sign up for the Beacon Family Hub.

Family Weekend

Hosted in the fall semester, we invite parents and families back to campus to reconnect with your student and connect with the rest of the campus community. Information about the schedule of events and how to register will be posted on the Beacon Family Hub.

Parent and Family Orientation

Knowing what your student is experiencing during college and what questions to ask are just some of the helpful pieces of advice that parents and families can receive at Parent and Family Orientation. 

The Parent and Family Orientation program includes sessions that will describe many of the opportunities and challenges new students face when they begin their college experience and how their families can support them. Information sessions will cover topics such as: 

All programs will provide plenty of opportunities to have all of your questions and concerns addressed before you leave campus. 

At this time, Parent and Family Orientation is only available for parents and family members of new first-year students. The program coincides with the first day of your student’s program. To attend the Parent and Family Orientation, your student must register you through their myUMB portal when they select their orientation day. If you decide to attend after your student registered, your student may log back into their portal and register you at any time within 48 business hours of their orientation session.

Before attending orientation, there are many things that your student will need to do. We ask that you help us empower them to master their checklist. First-year students can find their steps here and transfer students can find their steps here. 

If you are joining us at orientation, check-in will begin at 9:00am and the day will conclude around 5:30pm. Your student will be emailed with more specific information, including parking options, prior to your orientation. We encourage you to have a conversation with your student about the orientation day!